January 29th
  1. It's my day
    I am the youngest in my family and as such I crave attention. My parents were really good about making my birthday about me and making me feel special.
  2. It's actually my week
    My birthweek is my favorite week of the year. I give myself presents everyday and always have something to celebrate. It started when I was 9 and bought myself a birthweek hat at the dollar store.
  3. January is sort of blah otherwise
    Its kind of a cold and depressing month so having my birthweek right at the end of it is a good way to stay positive
  4. Elaborate plans
    My friends have made my past few birthdays amazing. They pull out all the stops and organize a celebration that they know I'm going to love.
  5. Food
    I am a very picky eater and on my birthday I know for a fact that I will like everything I eat. It makes the whole day more enjoyable.
  6. Presents
    I took a quiz that said that the way that I show affection is through receiving gifts. This makes me seem sort of selfish but I can't say it isn't true.
  7. Decorations
    My dad would go all out for birthdays. His specialty was streamers--he would tape them over our door frames until it was impossible to leave our rooms without tearing them down.
  8. I share it with Oprah
    Probably the only thing we have in common. When I was younger this meant so much to me because I watched her show religiously.
  9. Birthday Magic
    It's real and it's out there ✨🎈🎉✨