A list of things that have literally brought me to tears
  1. The Packers just lost
    Especially if its to the Lions. In Lambeau. Because of a missed field goal. I've had a few weeks to come to terms with this and I just can't.
  2. I accidentally hurt myself
    The number of times I've fallen down the stairs is embarrassing but if I'm crying its more likely that I've stubbed my toe on something
  3. Too emotionally invested in a character
    When a character goes through a life changing event I do too and I feel everything for them. It doesn't matter what the book is about I will almost always tear up at least a little bit--sometimes its just because I am so happy for them.
  4. I'm hangry
    I am the worst version of myself when I am hangry. No one is safe and there will be tears.
  5. Overwhelmed
    If I get frustrated my stress leaks out of my eyes