1. I like being a tourist
  2. I hate being a tourist
  3. I don't like randomly being in other tourists photos
  4. I don't know how to answer the question "Where are you from?" without turning it into my whole life story
  5. I like to be able to walk and get a coffee in the morning
  6. I can't have too many days of 'relaxing' in a row or my mind explodes (or I think it will, couldn't make it past 2 days without making a plan)
  7. I buy a lot of random shit I will never use - like fancy sarongs. Too fancy for the beach. Is it ok to wear a golden stitched sarong out for beers?
  8. I need to have good stuff going on at work upon my return or I'll fall into a dark depression (currently climbing out of it - send ropes, kombucha and bottles full of hope)
  9. I like wearing my bathing suit all day
  10. I like trying strange new fruits
  11. International shopping markets are anxiety provoking and I don't like haggling prices with 4 year olds
  12. I carry too many bags inside my bag holding individual items
  13. I still hate loud obnoxious ppl even if they aren't American (they're usually American)
  14. I don't understand currency conversion or how to tip in other countries (pretty sure half my money went to tipping)