1. TACOS
  2. Shielding us from the truth (also something i don't miss)
  3. Food that doesn't have to be accompanied by rice
  4. Cold brew
  5. Wearing whatever I want to the grocery store
    More specifically not having the societal pressures to wear a bra anywhere if I don't want (maybe only specific to LA?)
  6. Non-censored movies in the theatre
  7. Rainy days
  8. Efficiency (also something I don't miss)
  9. Talking about current pop culture
  10. TACOS
  11. IPA's
  12. Family // friends (obvi, but had to include so ppl aren't offended)
  13. Lazy Sundays
  14. The unnecessary excitement that comes along with American holidays
  15. Bacon on my hamburger. Bacon on anything really.
  16. An ocean that doesn't feel like a lukewarm bathtub that 3 toddlers have pissed in and dumped a shit ton of salt into
  17. The ability to take a train somewhere
  18. Karaoke
  19. The ability to drive somewhere with trees/green things growing to breathe fresh air
  20. Blue skies & puffy white clouds
  21. TACOS
  22. Mountains