this list is highly specific to where im from and the friends I have
  1. birth control
    did you gain weight on Depo? what did Amanda say about having Skyla? do you know anyone with implanon? what's the planned parenthood least likely to have protestors?
  2. which piercings hurt the most
    and which you can get done professionally/can have your friend do with the piercing gun she got on eBay
  3. fake ID tactics
    whether to get one made vs get someone's old one, what states are the best for faking, who's got the connection on ordering one for the lowest price, whether is trustworthy, what the best liquor store to pass it at is....
  4. over the counter medicine
    this one might just be me
  5. hickey alleviation tactics
    I go at it with a double edged sword of coverup (green foundation + heavy coverage liquid) and treatment (aloe Vera, cold spoon, pen cap twist method)
  6. best drugstore vodka mixers
    I tend toward fruity soda or flavored water (not a juice gal when vodka is involved)
  7. instagram posting hours
    between the hours of 10am to 5pm is best on weekdays, but Friday and Saturday later is suitable