personally I hate Facebook messenger but I'm in an international long distance relationship w an android user so sometimes you just have to make lemonade out of lemons (because what the fuck else would you make lemonade out of) and immerse yourself in Facebook sticker culture
  1. power rangers
    I didn't watch TV as a kid so I only have a vague idea of the show's setup. but these stickers are my #1 favorite. featuring the red power ranger heavily (I would like to see more positive female representation in this sticker pack) it covers pretty much all of my emotions-frustration, sleep, It's Morphing Time, and thumbs up. a true thumbs up power rangers sticker to this entire pack. 10/10
  2. business fish
    I like the business fish (and its companion pack, Serious Business Fish) because what the fuck. who decided to create these ridiculous stickers that depict such commonplace scenes from the life of a fish with a corporate job like waking up, getting drunk alone at a bar, peering around a corner, and getting stopped at a train turnstile. beautiful stickers 9/10
  3. serious business fish
    the follow up to the wildly popular (at least with me) business fish pack is another peek into the trials and tribulations of a capitalist sea specimen. serious business fish celebrates with a birthday with aplomb, punches a rival in the face, and flashes you a thumbs up and a half hearted GOOD. 9/10 and a whole hearted thumbs up for this triumphant sequel
  4. downer dinos
    perfect for when you want to express your discontent in a Jurassic way. a charming mix of sassy and sad, downer dinos bring out the sides of dinosaurs typically glossed over in textbooks and museums: Talk To The Hand Dino, Dislike Dino, This Ex-Stinks Dino-I could go on, but I don't want to ruin this sublime pack for readers. 8/10, points off for lack of selection. just because dinosaurs are extinct doesn't mean they don't deserve more dynamic emotional representation
  5. shiba inu
    I fucking love dogs and shiba inus in particular SO this pack is a great fit for me. it's a bit cutesy for my taste, as you can tell, my sticker style is more about shock value and non sequiturs than adorable line drawings of amazing dogs. but it's not all rolls in the grass and happily napping in this pack-there are some edgy stickers. great for when you need to bark at your friends but in a nice way. 8/10
  6. masked wrestler q
    who is he? like business fish, I have no idea. anyway, this is another great pack for expressing strong emotions. or when you have a really bad headache and the only way you can express it is a wrestler with a fist through this head. 7/10, as they're a bit violent for my delicate womanly taste
  7. corporate jungle
    WHY are there so many sticker packs with animals in corporate environments? anyway, ignoring the overtly capitalist themes these stickers are a great way to say "even animals are slaves to capitalism!" to your friends and family. 6/10
  8. sinister oyster
    the title says sinister yet this dynamic little oyster actually represents a wide range of emotion. perfect for the little moments business fish just can't depict (v few) 6/10
  9. on the move
    these extremely dramatic stickers are perfect for when you need to send a short message but really wanna waste more time rooting around for a sticker than just typing "I'm on the bus." 5/10 because they're so extra, especially the where are you one. chill