slightly copied (inspired) by @devynn's hilarious/amazing list about @A.
  1. invited me to ListApp
  2. her first interaction with me was placing her hand on my head and saying "baby"
    it's all been uphill from there
  3. gets me
    we have a million inside jokes (being sisters and all) and can make me laugh in any situation. she gets my sense of humor 10x more than anyone else and is a constant bright light over text/snapchat/FaceTime now that we're long distance sisters
  4. she's the only person I feel comfortable peeing with the door open around
    this is often necessary because we're in the middle of a conversation when the Urge strikes (is this over sharing? lmk if it is. I can't tell)
  5. creative as shit
    when we were young and shared a room she'd make up stories to tell me at night. I loved them and was probably way too annoying about it and deprived her of far too much sleep. she also came up with the best games, including one in which our twin beds were being pulled behind a ship. hilarities ensued
  6. always down to make fun of stuff with me
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    in a loving manner! notable examples include zoomed in photos of my dog's face, Edible Arrangments, Re-Bath (they put a new bath on top of your old one!), my mom's one word texts, bunnicula, life hacks, my ex boyfriend, republicans on Facebook.....I could go on here
  7. works hard
    time for one earnest bullet point: if she's passionate about something she goes after it and does a great job. notable examples include commandeering the opening of a science museum in our basement (c. 2001) and her relentless devotion as manager to tulane's men's basketball team
  8. referential humor
    I don't know how to to describe this, but she makes humorous connections from a wide variety of things. a fire alarm went off during basketball practice and she compared it to the triangle shirtwaist factory fire. I don't know anyone who'd make that connection
  9. hilarious tweets
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    I went through her tweets to find one to attach to this list and couldn't pick. I eventually chose this one
  10. anyway, it's her birthday!!
    and she's amazing