I luv Vietnam
  1. bananas
    but not like a box of bananas. I don't blink an eye after seeing huge boxes on the back of a tiny bike anymore. this dude had 3 huge platters of artfully arranged bananas. he looked like a rare species of Banana Bird about to take flight
  2. rocks
    this was actually on a bike. spotted a dude unloading what looked like rocks from this huge rack on the back of his bike. MAJOR PROPS I bitch when I have to ride a bike uphill and here this guy is
  3. bamboo sticks
    I mean a lot of them and the really big ones. how is this aerodynamic
  4. a fridge
    ???? not even in a box
  5. multiple trash bags of cup noodle
    I could tell because one of the bags was ripped and some cup noodle was sticking out
  6. a COW
    dude had a cow trailer on his bike. AMAZING