v stream of consciousness
  1. I'm sorry.....I'm all about girl love....but Anika
    plz chill girl
  2. every cookie Lyon look
    is AMAZING. she just got out of prison and looks that good?? when did she go shopping??
  3. on that note, she knows all the slang even after spending 17 years inside
    and she uses a cell phone no issue? cell phones weren't around 17 years earlier. my mom's had an iPhone for years now and struggles with it daily. cookie is chill with it
  4. which brother is the hottest
    I can't decide but I'm leaning toward Andre
  5. how did they get all those guest stars
    Jennifer Hudson? Snoop Dogg? Naomi Campbell? Courtney Love??
  6. also Terence Howard is billed for 30 episodes on imdb.......he isn't dead
    they've got Terence Howard in a great role they're not going to kill him off. but dammit if it sounds nice sometimes, as he's the hugest jackass
  8. also, couple names for everyone
    Rondre is the obvious one. Lu-kie? Coocious? Hanika? I don't remember the name of the Australian filmmaker guy but him + Jamal? thoughts?
  9. I want more porsha
    very in support of @Abby's porsha + cookie spinoff idea