I'm on a gap year before college, and I've spent most of it traveling but some of it at home in Indianapolis doing almost nothing. here's how I'm coping
  1. biking everywhere
    this is recent. anywhere I can bike, I do. it's really sunny and nice and I love it
  2. sewing
    taught myself how to use the sewing machine, using ONLY 8 YouTube tutorials, 1 parts of the sewing machine eHow page, and the outdated instruction manual that I found by the machine
  3. deep conditioning
  4. selling clothing
    I've weeded out a lot from my closet and have been (mostly unsuccessfully) trying to sell my clothing with a mixture of Poshmark and Plato's Closet
  5. chess
    I have a standing, once weekly date with a friend to play chess and talk about books. she's the only other gap year participant from my graduating class. we lament about the lack of contact with people our age (and we meet at a coffee shop within biking distance)
  6. language learning
    went to half price books and stocked up on language books (Japanese, Spanish, and Norwegian) so far I suck at all three
  7. cooking
    I'm so bad at it
  8. lots of time at the dinner table with my parents
    I love my parents, and they're the crux of my social interaction at points
  9. throwing myself into my part-part time job at a local theater
    because I'm home for only little bits of time, it doesn't make sense to get a more real job (self rationalization) so I work some shows at a repertory theater downtown. I love it (not within biking distance though)
  10. nails
    they're always painted and looking 💯