it's the fucking rainy season!!!
    everyone has one. seriously, my apartment came with 4. whenever it rains they pop up at every storefront for ¥200 (~$1.60) and everyone and their mom has one. of course there's varying patterns but umbrellas are fucking king in this country. seriously, I don't use umbrellas at home (I run to my car like any other dumbass) but here I pack one every time there's a drop of rain in the city
  2. getting stabbed in the eye by said umbrellas
    I'm 5'9", meaning I'm a Goddamned Giant in this country. also, 5 feet 7 inches is the approximate height of the top of everyone's umbrella and also where my eyes are. that being said, if anyone realized they have stabbed me there's plenty of bowing and apologizing because the Japanese are so polite and courteous
  3. people illegally bike with umbrellas
    I bought a bike recently and there are tons of bike laws. honestly, there's probably lawyers who spend their entire lives studying and interpreting Bike Law. anyway, it's illegal and punishable by a fine or jail time to ride with one hand or with an umbrella. however this is oft ignored and people wantonly bike with umbrellas every time it rains. this, along with rampant eye stabbing is clearly the biggest single threat to the collective safety of the common man in Japan
  4. I can now bike with an umbrella
  5. the train conductors wear these cute little shower caps over the top of their hat
    at least in Tokyo, there's a conductor that stands in the last car of every train and checks that everyone's in before closing the doors. anyway, their hats might get wet if they don't protect them!!I'm on a train right now and purposely got in the last car just to see the little rain shower caps the conductors wear over the top of the hat
  6. every retail establishment I go into has umbrella covers at the door
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    it's so handy! even 7/11 has these little umbrella condoms so your wet umbrella doesn't touch anything