this is a working list that will be updated as I try new things
  1. 1.
    my go to. it's pretty cheap (130¥ but a big serving, come on) and I make a kick ass vodka drink with it and the peach nectar stuff.
  2. 2.
    peach nectar
    fuck this stuff is so good and addicting. it's thick and definitely has a lot of sugar but I don't want to talk about it. it's like peach Looza. I looooove it
  3. 3.
    peach nectar II
    this is almost the same as the other one but ranked 1 item lower because it's in a can not a bottle and therefore can't be closed and thrown into your purse when the train comes
  4. 4.
    boss cafe au lait
    there's so many coffee options in all vending machines and I'm slowly trying them. I don't like iced coffee or coffee with milk that much this is my caffeine from a vending machine go to. I wish there was hot coffee in my vending machine but come on Kristen there's a 7/11 right down the damn street
  5. 5.
    Lipton apple tea
    very good! highly recommend. also the bf and I like to make fun of the "in 1890 he set sail in search of the world's finest tea" line printed on it. who is he?? did he find it?? is this it? modify your pronouns!!
  6. 6.
    grape fanta
    a classic! grape soda is always slightly nostalgic for me as @A and I drank a lot of it (+orange soda) at the pool as kids. well not a lot we weren't a soda family and it was a real treat
  7. 7.
    the classic
  8. 8.
    mitsuya cider
    mitsuya cider seems to be in every vending machine cluster. it's a good drink if nothing else comes to you
  9. 9.
    fruit juice
    Kirin vending machines are my least favorite and my train platform at the time only had one vending machine so I had to settle for this stuff!!! it was adequate but nothing to write home about (but apparently worth writing a list about)
  10. 10.
    cream soda
    eh. not great but big portions I guess. is pretty good mixed with vodka, and has an excellent electric green color
  11. 11.
    match pink
    grapefruit flavored which is A++ for me but got a little saccharine. wouldn't buy again tbh
  12. 12.
    green dakara
    bought this on accident when I hit the wrong button buying Lipton apple tea. it was weird
  13. 13.
    amino supli
    it was between this and water. I should have gotten water
  14. 14.
    coffee tea?
    this shit is so bad. the coin laundry only has a Kirin vending machine (😬) so I chanced it. IT IS THE WORST THING IVE PUT IN MY MOUTH, AND ABSINTHE IS SOMETHING IVE PUT IN MY MOUTH. disgusting. my boyfriend tried it and spit it out on the balcony. I poured it down the sink. not today, satan