if you know somewhere else I haven't been please ➕! I've only been in Tokyo for a month or so I have not completely penetrated the shopping scene (need to hit some department stores still!)
  1. loft
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    I discovered Loft my first day in Tokyo, when I was hella lonely + culture shocked and it was a very calming experience. it has everything Japanese at a mid-range quality. if you're not really sure what you need, go to Loft. best for: stationery (incl cards) that you want to look like you spent a lot on, pillows, travel accessories, stickers (insane selection)
  2. muji
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    Muji is insanely popular in Japan and somewhat internationally. it's the most aesthetically pleasing shopping experience, and like Loft has a wide variety of products. from simple clothing (bras I ❤️) as well as makeup, home goods, and a cafe. and it's not very expensive! if I were to live in Japan for longer I'd get most of my home stuff at Muji. best for: higher quality home goods, good basic clothing, higher end speciality foods
  3. tokyu hands
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    what to say about Tokyu Hands...it's another everything store? their motto is "creative life store" which seems right.I'll need to edit this after I've explored the whole as last time I went I almost passed out in the makeup section of the 2nd floor, so I left. not like figurative passing out, but literal. elevated heart rate, tunnel vision, lightheadedness, etc. very chic experience! anyway, TH has more raw materials for creativity-think woodworking section and a emergency preparedness floor
  4. Daiso
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    the first time I went to Daiso I was pretty sure I'd ascended into heaven and was sitting at the right hand of the father. the one I frequent (Funabashi) has 6 glorious floors where EVERYTHING IS ¥100 (~80¢). it's called the life coordinates store which I get because it has all the small things you buy over time? if that makes sense. some products I have from Daiso: extra earring backs, mini perfume atomizer, lingerie washing net, notebook, pens, makeup sponges, Q-tips, trashcans, face wash net
  5. donki/don quixote
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    if you're really into a shopping experience that is also an assault on your senses, I recommend DQ (called both Donki and Don Quixote I don't know why). anyway, DQ is a lot of discount products shoved into a small space, with no windows and a strong saccharine-sweet vanilla scent. oh, and the DQ theme song plays, which is like a J-pop band singing "Don Quixote! Don Quixote!" on loop. best for: cheap imported alcohol, cheap makeup, electronics a step above ¥100 stores, kitschy gifts
  6. any drug store
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    I love Japanese drug stores. there's so many amazing Japanese beauty products I've taken a liking to. most drug stores are stuffed wall to wall with products, and multi-story ones all stuffed with products are great for browsing. best for: Biore products, LuLuLun face masks, Shiseido products, laundry anything, Heroine lash curl mascara (❤️)