XO Jane's It Happened To Me section is TOTALLY my guilty pleasure. partially because they're interesting but partially for the weird ones that somehow get published even tho they're really dull/weird
  1. IHTM: I Fainted During Dog Surgery During My First Job at a Veterinary Hospital
  2. IHTM: My Mom Convinced Me To Go with Her to an Insane Clown Posse Concert
    I've been to the symphony with my mom but no ICP shows
  3. IHTM: I Was Hospitalized for Eating Hallucinogenic Flowers From a Public Tree
    this reminds me of that scene in Parks and Rec where a woman complains that she made sun tea from the water in a park and got an infection
  4. IHTM: I Accidentally Got Sent to Drug Rehab Instead of Fat Camp
  5. IHTM: I Graduated From a Women-Only DJ Academy and All I Got Was This Confidence Boost
  6. IHTM: I Got Addicted To Chocolate And Gave It Up for 12 Years
  7. IHTM: I Hired A Dog Psychic
  8. IHTM: I Wore A B.O. Feeling Dress To An Important Professional Event
  9. IHTM: I Got Divorced 8 Months After My Fairytale Wedding
    the subtitle is "as I sipped on my glass of champagne, I knew it was all a sham"