1. c'est moi, for reference
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    yes I cropped my friend out of this picture. she wasn't looking at the camera and this is a list about me. can I live??
  2. Lindsay Lohan
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  3. Christina Hendricks
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  4. Jessica Chastain
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  5. Amy Adams
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  6. hmm....what do these things all have in common.....
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  7. they're all redheads!
    and I'm truly honored to be compared to them but I really don't see it-especially Emma Stone!! and, hate to be a redheaded wet blanket-Lindsay is the only real redhead in the bunch
  8. but there are two non-redheads I've been compared to:
  9. Ellen Page
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    my dad says Juno reminds him of me and I'M VERY HONORED BY THAT
  10. Kristen Stewart
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    also honored, also don't see it