I love Prague so much and it's certainly my favorite European city. im young & cheap so here are some ideas if you're of Scottish blood too (cc: @bjnovak)
  1. beer!
    literally cheaper than the water and its Czech so it's great!
  2. absinthe!
    go to an absinthe bar; don't do the cheap stuff from the corner stores. or do; I did and it was a good time! I used to say I'd never try it in Prague but then...Australian guys showed up w some & I was won over
  3. old town square
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    during the day it's a necessary evil, but one night walking home from the bars we strolled through the square and it was dead empty as the sun was up. I'd recommend this as the best time to see it (picture attached was taken around 6:30)
  4. beer, beef, and bread
    all you need
  5. Cafe Louvre Prague
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    slightly touristy; but a cool historic place to eat. good Czech food and not too expensive!
  6. Hostel Santini
    the best hostel I've stayed in Prague (out of 4 😬) it's a UNESCO world heritage site and really nice for a hostel (it used to be a hotel). so gorgeous on the inside and well located!
  7. Petrin Lookout tower
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    if you've got a sunny day put on some comfy shoes and take the tram to Ujezd and hike up to the lookout tower. it's an easy hike and the views are 💯. take a picnic and a lot of pictures
  8. Karlovy Lazne
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    if you're young and in Prague you'll end up here at least once. 5 stories, it's the only thing most backpackers know about Prague. worth a visit, absolutely packed with tourists during the summer. pregame hard, the drinks are (comparatively) expensive. it's got an ice bar which was cool for like 3 minutes (then was cold)
  9. underground bars
    can't tell the bars specifically but if you meet some Czechs they'll show you some good ones. feels like all bars in Prague are cool underground ones....can't remember the district to go to but ask at your hostel!
  10. the trams
    honestly I love the trams in this city. ride em, love em, ignore the scent of urine. make sure to validate your ticket though
  11. underground
    it's only three lines but pretty helpful sometimes and the stations all look cool and have art and shit! (don't forget to validate your ticket)