I love public transport and I don't know why?
  1. monorail
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    I've been on a monorail twice in memory, in Chiba city and the Odaiba monorail, both in Japan. BOTH WERE AMAZING AND SO EXCITING I COULD NOT HANDLE IT. actually technically airport trains like at ATL and SFO are monorails but whatever they were not as cool as the Odaiba one (which is the attached picture)
  2. tram
    trams are fucking cool. they're trains but you get a cool view. notable trams: the old ass ones in Lisbon, the strangely modern ones in Prague, the N-Judah in SF (i personally consider this a tram)
  3. skytrain
    alright, I've only been on one elevated train. no actually 2 since I've been on the L in Chicago but it's been a while. anyway, elevated trains are hella cool. even though the Bangkok skytrain was perpetually super crowded it was 💯💯💯 also I'm going to Vancouver in August so I'll check out that skytrain
  4. ferry
    I've only used ferries on a public transport ticket once (Olso; all ferries are included with your Ruter Billet) and it was GREAT. I LOVE boats they're so cool and you could take this one around the islands outside of the city. amazing!!
  5. train
    not subway but like light rail or regional train that goes above ground. faster than the tram but still has cool views. and train stops r pretty cool
  6. subway
    nice, quick, but feel worse than an above ground train and every creep I've experienced on the train has been on a subway. only pluses are cool subway stops (Stockholm artsy ones, Prague shiny ones)
  7. bus
    buses suck! I'm sorry! the only cool buses in the world are double decker buses in Dublin and Hong Kong and the wood-floored old ass ones with no windows in Bangkok. other than that THEY ALL SUCK