I have sucky skin, shoutout to genetics. I'm pale as shiiiiit and acne prone, oily prone, combination Awful and Uneven skin (very insecure about all of it!). anyway, I got really into skincare recently and things have changed FOR THE BETTER
  1. Kose Softymo Speedy/DHC Cleansing Oil
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    double cleansing has straight up changed the skincare game for me! here's a link that explains what it is: http://bit.ly/1OmRYej prior to starting with an oil cleanser I never really felt like all of my makeup was off. my skin feels soooooo much cleaner and better after a good double cleanse. it's very soothing!! sometimes I throw in a little facial massage bc Love Yourself
  2. DETClear AHA/BHA Fruits Peeling Gel
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    I use this about 2x a week for some exfoliation and its some good shit. if you're a peeling gel person you've probably heard of Cure Aqua which I tried but didn't love. also need some of that acid power 💪🏼 so I found this stuff at a drugstore. the scent is strong but I feel so damn fresh and clean and Powerful after using it (and there's an unscented version)
  3. COSRX Skin Returning A-Sol
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    seems like everyone & they mama on skincare blogs loves this stuff so I thought I'd give it a try. I use it as a spot treatment only but it's GREAT for breakouts. stops them in their tracks!
  4. Bifesta eye makeup remover/Heroine mascara remover
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    I wear don't wear much eye makeup other than mascara and this tag team of removers gets it off no problemo. the Heroine stuff is nice you just brush it on and wipe it off with makeup remover. but the Bifesta makeup remover itself is so great I don't always have to use the brush on! I got hooked on this miracle juice in Japan and fortunately Nijiya market in SF japan town has it. MUCH LOVE
  5. hydro colloid band aids
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    these + the COSRX a-sol are my breakout action team. spot treatment A-sol, then wait a few hours, chop one of these blister band aids in half, swab the surrounding area with alcohol, and stick one of these on overnight. it sucks the everything out the pimple. gross yet VERY SATISFYING. only works for pimples that have come to a head though, the big cystic lurkers will likely be unfazed. you can get these at Target, p sure Up & Up makes em. they're labeled as blister band aids
  6. konjac sponge
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    I loooooove these lil sponges. I use them to foam my face wash and rub them around a lil for some gentle nightly exfoliation 😇 I don't know about long term effects as I'm only on my first one but they make my skin feel GR8
  7. Muji as a whole
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    I LOVE MUJI. when I feel stressed or annoyed after work I go to the one in SoMa and just soak in the Aesthetic (and the aroma steam things 😍). and of course get my Muji skincare faves-cut cotton, toner, and whatever lil essence or lotion I feel like trying. after using Muji's cut cotton I know not all cotton pads are created equal. little puffs of joy. bury me with a pack of these, I use them for everything
  8. Mizon Snail Recovery Cream
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    I'd read reams about this stuff on the Blogs and finally gave into the hype and lemme tell you. it's all true. it's a great light moisturizer for us Oily Gals and I put it on lil wounds to heal me up faster. layers wonderfully. thanks 2 all the snails for giving me their wonder juice :-)
  9. pocketderm
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    for this of us with acne prone skin your derm should be a close friend, compadre, pal. and my old derm was nice it was just I needed more advice than going in 2x a year and getting not so great advice and feeling rushed bc there's a bunch of other patients. anyway, pocketderm is a subscription derm service where you get matched w a dr in your state and they evaluate your skin and give you a personalized product for you concerns AND you can chat em anyone with questions!! I LOVE IT
  10. KATE Tokyo BB cream
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    I think KATE Tokyo is like, Japan's Maybelline equivalent so I had low expectations when I found this on sale for ¥500. it is amazing. just enough coverage, OC-B fits my pale NC15 skin like a dream. I layer it over a light coat of powder (thx Wayne Goss) and it stays 4ever. kisses to K8 💋
  11. Avene water
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    this....might be the placebo effect or some shit but this canned water calms my face before/after makeup application and removal. loves it
  12. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence
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    probably the most important thing I slather on my face in the morning as a pale redhead with skin cancer on both sides of the family. this stuff dries matte with no white cast and layers beautifully. I don't see any short term affects from using it but I know sun damage + aging prevention is something you just do without asking questions when you're young like setting aside $$ for retirement !
  13. sheet masks
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    s/o to anyone still reading rn! I love sheet masks even if I look like a psycho killer (qu'est-ce que c'est) whilst wearing them. faves include My Beauty Diary Black Pearl and the Kose clear turn essences! I've got some coming in the mail soon....tgod