I'm a pretty calm person, but the moment I hit the TSA line (esp when I'm alone) my patience for other people becomes nonexistent. it's an awful trait. anyway, here's the worst things IMO
  1. not move down the counter when putting your stuff in TSA trays
    you're holding up the entire line!
  2. cut in line for the TSA scanner thing
  3. obstruct the moving walkway
    it's a moving walkway not a moving stand-and-make-sure-no-one-behind-you-can-pass way. getcha self
  4. take up more than one seat at a crowded gate
    if no ones around, do your thing! put your bag on the seat beside you! whatever! but if the flights about to leave or you're at a small, crowded airport (subtweet Kansas City) don't do this. it's so rude
  5. cut when queuing to board for southwest
    also saving an aisle or window seat for your friend farther behind you when the plane is full 🔪🔪
  6. Skype or FaceTime with no headphones on
    we are all here too! we can all hear you! you don't exist in a bubble where you're the only one who can hear yourself talking to your sister about what kind of sandwich she had for lunch
  7. lean your seat back
    I hate this so much. why do you think your comfort is more important than my space on a plane!!! bitch I'm 5'9" and mostly leg!!!
  8. chatty flight crew
    on the PA. if it isn't essential info pls refrain. especially on long international flights where they have to do every announcement in ~3 languages. this sounds so Bratty I know
  9. putting your elbow on my side of the armrest
    this happened on a flight recently. dude blatantly had his elbow in my side the entire flight? what? no
  10. basically don't consider yourself > others and be aware of the personal space of others
    I'm feeling annoyed just writing this list whilst sitting at my gate at JFK. what is it about airport that brings me from 0-100 so quick idk
  11. Eat a tuna sandwich on/near the plane
    Suggested by @jentin