couldn't do it without my iPhone and I'm only like 30% ashamed to admit that
  1. ❤️ Google ❤️ maps ❤️
    there's hearts because google maps is amaze. the most helpful feature is the ability to download maps and use them offline. so even if you don't have service you can still see your location via GPS and your position on a map. also Google maps is the best overall app for public transport info. not perfect, has some stumbles but overall MUCH LOVE. I use it daily when traveling
  2. Whatsapp
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    of course Whatsapp is on this list I rely on it only a little bit less than Google maps. I've sustained two long distance relationships while traveling with Whatsapp and made sure my mom knows I'm not dead in a ditch. it's 10x more reliable than iMessage and loads on even a crumb of wifi. and without it I wouldn't be able to get live updates on what my dog's up to from my lovely mother
  3. Skyscanner
    I'm totally down to argue about this but I think Skyscanner is the best overall app for comparing flights. some people (my father) prefer Kayak but I'm loyal to Skyscanner. I like that you can check an entire country for flights instead of a specific airport. so like, if you want to go to Greece you can see whether it's cheaper to start in Athens or Thessaloniki. v handy!!
  4. Google translate
    can Google throw some $$ at me for being a product ambassador for their services? anyway Google translate can scan text and translate immediately. if a menu is in Spanish you can point your camera at it and Google live translates. like that's fucking magic?? I use it at least 10x daily in Japan to scan kanji and get a translation bc I can't type or read it 😬
  5. Tripcase
    love hate relaysh with Tripcase. it's an app that keeps all your flights and shit in one place, majorly handy. there's some interface issues but overall I love it. it's 10x easier than searching for your confirmation email every time you want to check what time your flight leaves. further, if you have several flights coming up you can check them all at once in one place. it doesn't always work offline but I'm forgiving so I'll let it slide and hope they make that possible in the future
  6. Hostelworld
    I'm young and cheap so I stay mainly in hostels when traveling. Hostelworld is the best booking app in my humble opinion. I don't love love it but it's the best of the available options so whatevs
  7. Passbook
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    saying a required apple app is handy is kind of like agreeing with propaganda but whatever. passbook is amazing. flight tickets, airbnb addresses, museum tickets-All in one place. v handy!! also apple pay? never used it but a nice idea good job apple
  8. yelp
    Yelp is most useful in the U.S. but it's lead me to many great meals. also I love angry yelp reviews
  9. iExit
    this app feels like magic? it's great for road trips. it knows what highway you're on (thru location services obv but idk it feels futuristic) and tells you exactly what's at the next exit. very helpful when with my family as we have 2 celiacs and therefore most fast food is 🙅🏻🙅🏻. it even tells you which direction to turn to reach said establishment when you get off the highway
  10. airbnb
    obvious reasons