xojane is my guilty pleasure (see my previous list about xoj "it happened to me"s) anyway, I searched through their website for the word "shaming" and read through the titles and descriptions. I did not read the actual articles as I do not have the willpower
  1. gluten-shaming
    i dunno something happened at the liquor store
  2. dehydration-shaming
    gyno told her to drink more water
  3. toddler-shaming
    shamed for having a toddler, not being a toddler. I think
  4. shop-shaming
    "sometimes shopping isn't so fucking fun"
  5. fat-shaming: for cats
    vet told her her cat was fat
  6. cake-shaming
    coworkers cake shamed her?? this ones a delicious mystery
  7. shoe-shaming
    @ a Paris nightclub
  8. sugar shaming
    happened on Twitter
  9. sadness-shaming
    I guess this is what happens when you tell someone who's sad to be happy
  10. femme-shaming
    "Is Feminism Femme-Shaming?" this seems super clickbaity)
  11. birth-shaming
    article title proclaims that birth shaming is the new slut shaming (???)
  12. Instagram filter-shaming
  13. elevator-shaming
  14. alright I'm at that point where the word "shaming" sounds weird in my head so I'm going to stop
  15. nope! one more.
  16. wedding dress-shaming