a year of immense personal change
  1. stopped worrying about whether I look manly in clothing
    I've always had this fear that I look manly in certain clothing. usually it's ridiculous and I decided some time ago, fuck it. if I like it and feel comfortable/cool in it, that's what's important. note: I'm still working on this one. got 19 years of gender socialization to undo
  2. embraced lipstick
    as a redhead with dark coloring, I'm really unsure of what makeup colors complement me (and if anyone knows shit like this @ me). I just assumed I couldn't wear lipstick. but then I tried some, on a lark, and it looked badass. so I'm warming up to it. just no orange tones
  3. stopped wearing a bra
    not wearing a bra isn't right for everyone, and I hate people who are No Bra Evangelizers because EVERYONES BRA STATUS IS THEIR BUSINESS. anyway I'm like a low B cup so no one knows when I don't and it's just more comfy for me. I stopped giving a fuck after I moved to SF and no one else gave a fuck
  4. allowed myself to be myself around a BF
    first significant relationship w a guy I love/trust blossomed this year. it's been great, albeit long distance. he has seen the true worst of me (food poisoning, Samui, Thailand) and some truly amazing adventures. plz @list open urself to androids so he can join. he's great
  5. gotten into skincare
    I've always had bad skin and I never knew enough about skincare to make informed decisions about products. now I know a fuckton thanks to blogs/experimentation. I'm living my truth thru low pH cleansers, sheet masking, and and double cleansing, and my skin is way better off for it
  6. worked a lil bit at schoolwork
    took classes that really interested me and working hard was easy! this bubble will burst next semester as I am taking majority core classes
  7. overcame some anxiety about being alone in public
    I'm sitting at an airport restaurant by myself right now which would've made me really self conscious a year ago. now I'm chill with it