1. See a Broadway show
  2. See a NBA basketball game
  3. See a NFL game
  4. See a live sitcom shoot/sit in the audience
  5. Sit in the audience of Ellen DeGeneres
  6. Sit in the audience of Jimmy Fallon
  7. Time square
  8. Statue of Liberty
  9. Spend more time exploring the shops and scenery of Hollywood and Beverly Hills
  10. Explore more of rodeo drive
  11. Manhattan beach tournament for volleyball play and watch
  12. Go to Hawaii
  13. Helicopter tour of New York
  14. Empire state building
  15. See the White House/tour of the Whitehouse
  16. Go to the revolving restaurant
  17. Go to Universal studios
  18. Go to Disneyland
  19. Hop on a tour bus
  20. Go to comic-on
  21. Niagara Falls
  22. Grand Canyon
  23. Experience Christmas and new year in New York