1. Hips Don't Lie
    I can't remember why, but she's in my phone as "shakira", not Connor. I have some vague memory of her saying in fourth grade she wore leather pants and danced to this song but I could be mistaken
  2. 2AM (Anna Nalick)
    This was the song Connor listened to on repeat in high school when she was having feelings
  3. Summertime (new kids on the block)
    Connor put this on a mix cd she made me once. Also summer was our season to hang out every day and wander around the neighborhood and go to camp.
  4. Pretty Girl Rock
    One time we watched a VH1 countdown of the sexiest music videos and Connor predicted "I bet Pretty Girl Rock is the next one." She was right.
  5. Lip Gloss
    At camp one year Connor and two of our friends made a dance to this song and it was awesome. She did a flip.
  6. The Hills
    During Hood to Coast Connor danced to this song in a gross parking lot while dressed like Phoebe from Friends. She said she listened to this on repeat for like a week straight.
  7. What Do You Mean?
    This song came out during Hood to Coast and we listened to it nonstop and took several snapchat videos of us singing it.
  8. Sorry
    Connor loves this song currently.