These may not be the capital "B" best shows on Broadway--but they are my current favs. All shows are currently running as of 2/10/2016.
  1. HAMILTON, duh
    Saw it twice off Broadway, but still waiting for that #ham4ham miracle!
  2. Fiddler on the Roof
    This production is the FIRST time I had ever seen Fiddler (I know...) and I am obsessed! Danny Burstein for the win. #l'chaim
  3. Wicked
    Theatre nerds might roll their eyes at this choice...but it is what really got me into musical theatre and the first show I saw on Broadway.
  4. Something Rotten
    Fun show, great performances, catchy songs...
  5. The King and I
    Kelli O'Hara + Bartlett Sher +Lincoln Center=🙏🔥👸🏼
  6. A View from the Bridge
    So intense and so memorable (especially if you are seated on stage)!