1. Jan: New Years/first time hanging out with Kate:)
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  2. Feb-March: sorry no pics due to circumstances:)
  3. April: one of the best moments of my entire life
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  4. May: the day I got released from treatment
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  5. June: NYC mission trip
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  6. July: when my life changed for the better: love y'all
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  7. Also July: seeing my BFF from chicago
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  8. Aug: started dating this goof
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  9. Sep: couldn't forget to include SENIOR OVERALLS
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  10. Also sep: first Baylor game (way better than Coppell hoco)
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  11. Oct: Faith hoco
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  12. Nov: beyond blessed
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  13. Also Nov: got into BU💚💛
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  14. Dec: selfie with buddy the elf
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