This is in no way a list describing who I like better because I LOVE YALL AND YALLS LOVE FOR JESUS
  1. Aves
    This pretty much explains itself
  2. Camille
    Both sport, outgoing, lively. She's always laughing and making me laugh and yeah idk what else to say haha
  3. Kate
    Well we are both Coppell girls so that's pretty much an explanation in itself haha. But we also both love being outdoors and I can literally tell her anything
  4. Delaney
    Both super outgoing and are super sporty umm this is getting hard haha
  5. Mary
    We are both SUPER touchy people:) Hahha and she's awesome
  6. Hayden
    She just understands me haha
  7. Tannah
    She's just down right awesome
  8. Taylor
    This girl always know how to lift me up
  9. Catherine
    She's not a super touchy person