Apparently I don't look Chinese
  1. Cambodian
    The monk who led meditation sessions at my school asked me if there was a large Cambodian community in DC before I told him I wasn't Cambodian
  2. Indonesian
    A Tunisian man hitting on me in Venice who gave me a glass of free wine wasn't convinced I wasn't Indonesian or at least mixed because he was North African and we had the same skin tone
  3. Vietnamese
    "You look just like one of my Vietnamese friends! You have to be Vietnamese!" -a white boy
  4. Korean
    "But your eyes!" -multiple encounters
  5. Filipino
    "You are too tan to be Chinese!" -multiple encounters
  6. Thai
    Stopped on the street in Vienna by a man covered in gold paint, who told me my eyes were nice and that he lived in Thailand for 10 years and I look Thai
  7. Ethiopian
    White boy in middle school asked me if I was Ethiopian in all seriousness
  8. Mongolian
    Still confused about this one
  9. Mexican
    White boy in Spanish class in middle school: "this is really easy for you right? Cause you're Mexican?"