Writing this list over a course of a week to document things I'm happy about - a personal form of keeping track of how lucky I am to be where I am
  1. Sat by the kitchen window with a cup of tea while I watched snow lightly fall on a snow day
  2. The prom episode of Malcolm in the Middle
  3. My history professor (who I deeply admire) told me my paper was "the best in the class by far" - the paper was on anti-Americanism in the Middle East and was v hard to write (literally fell asleep 4 separate times trying to read the readings)
  4. Got a pizza with a LOT of arugula on it, also had a beer that tasted like lychee
  5. Friend sent me good songs to walk to so my walking playlist is growing
  6. I finally figured out the dishwasher and now the dishes are SPANKIN clean
  7. Laptop broke, but the tech desk at the library offered to fix it for free, and then the tech guy and I talked about punk music for a bit
  8. I see a beagle on my walk to school 3 times a week
  9. Friend with TIDAL came over and we caught up and streamed The Life Of Pablo (still don't know what to think of the album tbh)
  10. Three of my film photos got into this semester's literary magazine!
  11. Boss let me go an hour early on Thursday so I got to take a nap when I went home
  12. Got to see darkmatter, a south-Asian trans slam poetry duo and I got a book of their poetry and I got to meet them and I got their autographs!!! And they talked about anti-black racism in the Asian community and how we benefit from putting black people down for "not working hard enough" and their performance was just really really good!!!
  13. I have a friend visiting from out of town and it's really good to see her again!!
    She's also getting along really well with my friends here and it's so nice when friends from different places all get along idk
  14. Talked about music videos; was introduced to Modest Mouse's "Little Motel" (heartBREAKING)