More nice things!
  1. Had a big ol bowl of curry laksa for dinner. So creamy. So coconutty. Just the right amount of spice.
  2. I actually went to bed at 11 and got 9 hours of sleep (unheard of and unusual for me)
  3. Got tix to see The Frights (been listening to them for the past month) and SWMRS (Billie joe Armstrong from green day's kid's band) - and going w/my roommate next week and am V EXCITED
  4. The theme for my radio show was "throwback to the worst years of your life" and all middle school throwbacks aka the best kind of music to blast rly loudly, which I did in the studio
  5. Boss took me out to lunch at vapiano and it reminded me a lot of my favorite pasta bar in Prague
  6. Got to meet my friend's cat and the cat stuffed himself inside a PBR box and refused to come out for a while
  7. Felt old at (essentially) a frat party, but then got to go home and had a rly nice sleep
  8. Took a great 3 hour nap while watching Chopped (dreamed about food, was nice)
  9. The bugs in my kitchen and I have figured out a way of peaceful coexistence - every time I come into the kitchen to cook I announce my presence by turning on the light and saying "hello I am here now" and the bugs scurry
  10. Found myself at an oscars party for the free food, also got to chill with friends and shit talk J Law