NICE THINGS 2/29-3/6

Wow... Even more nice things
  1. Got to talk about what constitutes commercial advertising vs art and populism vs elitism and American advertising vs European advertising in my anti-american class which was interesting
  2. Saw the Frights and SWMRS at the Black Cat! Fun, teen-boppy show, made awkward eye contact w Billie Joe Armstrong's kid a few times
  3. Got a tour of the photography exhibitions at the National Gallery from the senior photo curator (for class) - saw vintage prints from Robert Frank and Richard Avedon, two of my fave white dude photographers!!
  4. Got good noodles in Chinatown with photo friends after the tour. The restaurant also had rly good tea
  5. Free cereal at work so I ate 2 bowls of Apple Jacks and 1 bowl of Fruit Loops and cruised on a sugar high for an hour or two
  6. Finally bought my bus tix to NYC for next week, so I'm officially chilling there for a bit and my friend is coming up w me for a few days!! (And I'm gonna eat lots of noodles)
  7. Discovered an album from 2013 that I rly like - Dreamboats by Sleeping Bag and Rozwell Kid - which has been on repeat all week
  8. Figured out how I want to photograph my subjects for my independent study (on Gay Asian college-aged men in NYC and how race affects their perceived femininity, confidence, how they date...etc)
  9. My family got their plane tix to see me graduate in May!!! (I also get to go home to see my little sister graduate high school!!!)
  10. Went to a gallery to see my professor's work hanging in a show about identity!! Was cool, got wine, ate grapes
  11. Went exploring because we got free uber rides, found some cool graffiti and some skate ramps under a highway in SE
  12. Been eating honey & soy glazed carrots all week because I found an easy recipe online and had to finish a huge bag of carrots
  13. Got Tex-mex with a friend and talked a lot about photography, journalism, and it was a lot of fun! Plus I got enchiladas and guac