More nice things!! ✨💫
  1. My boss let me come in 3 hours later than I normally do on Mondays because "sleep is more important" - this was after I missed my bus back to DC from NYC so I got home at 3am instead of 9pm...
  2. My final paper topic for my history class was approved! It'll be on Robert Frank's The Americans and how it was received in the US and if the book was anti-american or not (I'll be examining the climate of the US in the 1950s, looking at Frank's aesthetic choices and subject matter)
  3. Went to a photo event and got free food (aka my dinner) - ate a lot of good cheese and crackers and grapes
  4. Discovered the music vid for Purity Ring's "Begin Again" and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT
  5. Had a really nice interview with one of the guys for my independent study!! He was super open about analyzing what he finds attractive and how that's influenced by race and racial stereotypes!! And how he plays up his own racial stereotypes to attract certain guys!
  6. Have a better sense of the photos I need to get when I go back to NYC after talking to my independent study advisor!! Also have an ok start to the project w what I have so far!
  7. That new Basement album is very solid!!
  8. Roommate meal swiped me into our dining hall and I ATE FIVE PLATES WORTH OF FOOD
  9. Friend is cat sitting for a family w a rly nice apartment and she let us chill there while she cooked us a nice salmon dinner! (With veggies, and Mac n cheese, and wine)
  10. Face swap.
  11. Currently eating a really good avocado and chilling on a Sunday (cause my work load isn't horrible like it normally is!)