NICE THINGS 3/7-3/13

  1. 70 degrees Monday and Tuesday in DC!!! The ducks in front of the office were out and chilling!! I took a walk around the block and smiled at strangers!!!
  2. Took a bus to NYC and the 5 hour ride was manageable because I had a friend w me!!
  3. Got to catch up with the friend I'm staying with in Brooklyn and we went to a Korean-ish restaurant that played the Clash and had a chalk drawing of Steve jobs on the wall
    Not very Korean, but the food was pretty tasty
  4. Got real Korean food with new friends, was so stuffed but so happy!!!!
    Got to meet my friend's Asian friends - two of which are from HK (where my mom is from), so we bonded over mango gummies & canto
  5. Sat on a pier and journaled for 2 hours - weather was perfect and I got some vitamin d!!
  6. Cookie shots with my friend (worth the $4, not exactly worth the wait), still tasty tho
  7. Talked about whether or not free will exists (or if it even matters) for a few hours with a friend in Central Park after going up to the Shakespeare castle and looking at turtles in the pond
  8. This $11 miso ramen (WITH an egg!!)
  9. Went to a bar that served pie and drinks, so naturally I got both and felt great about it
  10. Saw this brilliant cat bag on the subway in the morning
  11. One of my best friends from home came down for the day and we went to a cat cafe in Chinatown
  12. Got dim sum with friends at a huge banquet hall in Chinatown