I'm back... baby
  1. I figured out the right ratio between oats and almond milk for my cold oats in the morning, so I've been having a solid breakfast all week
  2. New Mitski album streaming on NPR's First Listen. Very exciting! Very good!
  3. The weather's been bearable this week, I even went on a jog around the neighborhood and actually enjoyed being outside!
    Sneezed a lot afterwards, but still felt good
  4. I've been using my hour-long lunch break this week to go to a park and sit in the grass and read the Amy Tan book I'm halfway through. Love ya, Amy.
  5. We figured out how to use the AC in my room, so now I can go to bed UNDER the covers :')
  6. I got Daikaya (ramen) with a friend and it was delicious.
  7. I got these Trader Joe's hash browns, and they look like the ones you get at McDonald's, and they're heavenly
  8. I'm now rooming with a friend from high school for the summer and it's been a lot of fun (and it's cool to have her meet all my college friends and hang out)
  9. Went to happy hour with my roommate and got my *Moscow mule* and smiled a lot, before coming home and going to bed really early.
  10. I sent out some important emails I've been sitting on and I feel very accomplished.
  11. A friend came over and we caught up and I made vegan snax and she brought Baked and Wired cupcakes (!!)
  12. Went to my friend's last party that he's ever throwing in his apartment... RIP (he's moving to a house soon, hopefully he keeps these magnets)
  13. All you can eat sushi.