Inspired by @JennyJLee, @aus10, @ijeoma - because living as a POC means we're treated differently, no matter how long we or our families have been here. And every micro-aggression affects our self esteem and sense of belonging in our own homes.
  1. Not hating your own facial features as a kid because you saw people who looked like you on tv, in movies, on ads... Etc
  2. Not being asked if every guy you've been involved with "has yellow fever" or if he's dated other Asians before you
  3. Not having to wonder if the guy you're involved with is only dating you because of your race
  4. Not having to feel like you have to speak for your entire race when you're the only non-white person in the room
  5. Not being told your food and your culture "stinks" and then seeing your food become the next hip food trend, only made cool because white people seek it out now:
  6. Not being told "you're pretty for a Asian" like it's a compliment
  7. Not being asked constantly where you're "really" from, even though you were born here
  8. Not being complimented on your English and lack of accent, even though you grew up here and went through the American education system
  9. Not being asked if you're "really good in bed" because of your race
  10. Not feeling like you consistently have to justify to strangers that you really are American
    But at the same time, not feeling 100% Asian and definitely not 100% American