Saturday was Hot Dog Day at Alfred State College/University, the alma mater of @marissajaynee 's boyfriend aka a quad party drink fest. These are the things that happened.
  1. 1230 : Met at Wegmans and bought the essentials for the night: Blue Moon variety pack, salt & vinegar kettle chips, turkey sandwich, green tea for a mixer, and Velveeta mac & cheese cups
  2. We embark on our hour and a half journey to Alfred, New York.
  3. Now 6 and Grouplove are our CDs of choice.
  4. Rest stop at gas station for a pee break and steal some toilet paper as we would be staying at a rugby house.
    They just cut a paper towel roll in half...
  5. 4:00 : Arrive to rugby house and met by a mob of hundreds of happily drunk college students.
  6. Commence the day drinking
  7. Meet Marissa's boyfriend's rugby friends
    There was one who looked like a sailor. Navy anchor shirt with navy Sperry's. On fleek. 😘👌🏻
  8. Walk around, meeting people and drinking.
  9. Walk around to the town to find hot dogs but don't find hot dogs. But go into delicious pizza place.
  10. Go to a new house of one of their friends. Listen to music and drink more beer.
  11. Go to a new house party which was awesome. Go on upstairs porch.
  12. Start playing flip cup & chatting it up with the sailor
    He cleared out a bathroom for me so I could pee. True gentleman.
  13. Make best friends with all of the owners of the apartment.
  14. 8 cops show up in front of the house but came to bust the house next door
  15. Walk around the apartment making friends with everyone.
    For some reason I like to complement everyone when I'm drunk.
  16. Beer run.
  17. Hand out beer to best friends at party.
  18. Walk around outside with new friends even though it was ridiculously cold.
  19. 330 : Stole someone's bed.
    I ain't sleeping on no floor.