1. Jess - 22
    She's part of my best friend crew and our birthdays are two days apart so we like that
  2. Danielle - 22
    Danielle is one of my closest friends from when I studied abroad (both distance-wise and relationship-wise). She's from Syracuse. When we met were instantly clicked cause we were like wait we live relatively close to each other, basically have the same birthday and like all the same things. #soulmates
  3. Melissa - 25
    Melissa is my newer cousin by marriage. Her mom and my uncle just got married two Septembers ago but we're dating for at least five years before that.
  4. Sandy - 57-60?
    Sandy is my Dad's girlfriend. She's nice and very very talkative. Sometimes she can be a little crazy since my Dad is definitely low key but they like each other so whatever.
  5. Bobby - 22
    I don't know Bobby personally but some of my friends went to high school with her. I've met her a couple of times.