1. Under the Tuscan Sun
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    This will forever be my favorite movie. It made me believe that Italy would solve all of my problems. (It did)
  2. Eat. Pray. Love.
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    Sort of similar to Under the Tuscan Sun in that it's about a woman who is newly divorced who leaves the States and travels and finds herself through food and love 😍
  3. Nights in Rodanthe
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    Again. Idk if my movie preference choice is foreshadowing of my future but this movie is also about a woman who is about to get divorced and gets away from her life for a minutes and with food and love, she finds herself again. I guess I just identify with divorced women. Who's gonna be my first husband to divorce so I can move to Europe?
  4. Inglourious Basterds
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    This definitely doesn't go with the theme of my most favorite movies but there's something about the sarcasm in this movie that gets me. It's a serious topic, WW2, and trying to murder Hitler but it's almost comical. (And shout out to @bjnovak for being in it!)
  5. Dazed & Confused
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