1. Take a stroll through St. James Park on your way to Buckingham Palace.
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    There's a lot of nature and ponds here. Even swans. You might also here the term 'the Mall' thrown around. This is not a shopping center. The Mall is the street with a bunch of state buildings on it like Parliament or the Prime Minister's house.
  2. Visit Buckingham Palace
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  3. Look around in the National Gallery
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  4. Go to the Covent Garden Market for lunch and light shopping
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    This place is really similar to the Quincy Market in Boston
  5. Enjoy some lunch at a Pret a Manger; there's one on every corner
  6. Go for a ride on the London Eye
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    That big Ferris wheel
  7. Take a ferry ride down the River Thames
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    You can ride under all the famous bridges, most ferry drivers will give you a little tour of what you're passing by (Note: London Bridge is not impressive even though there's a song about it)
  8. Take a Jack the Ripper tour
    At night
  9. Go into Kings Cross Station and get a picture running into Platform 9 & 3/4
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    They have a whole setup here. A gift shop, there's a cart with luggage halfway through the wall, you can pick which scarf you want to wear, and a photographer will take a pic for you!
  10. Take walk through the different buildings in the Tower of London
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    This building had been used as a prison, royal residence, armory, and a treasury.
  11. View the Crown Jewels
  12. Visit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
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    You can even catch a show in warmer months
  13. For dinner grab some Bangladeshi curry
    This is one of England's national dishes
  14. Walk across Abbey Road
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    Note: this is an actual road that car drive across. You do not have the right of way.
  15. Take a tour of Westminister Abbey
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    I definitely recommend a guide to explain some of the art
  16. Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
    This takes place every other day starting around 11. There's a whole parade with the Ceremony. Similar to the one in Ottawa, but this is 100 times better
  17. Take a picture with one of the guards
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    Watch out for their horses though
  18. Visit the iconic Tower Bridge
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    I recommend at night when it's lit up
  19. Go to Piccadilly Circus
    This is London's Times Square. Just a little smaller.
  20. Grab a pint at a pub.
    Do this just to do it. There are different beer selections, a lot I've never heard of but go for it.