I decided after work today that I needed wine and to make soup. I realize that making soup is so cool. You can add anything and chop everything however big or small that you want it. You can have pasta in it or just veggies. It an be creamy or just thick or super brothy. It's freaking amazing, even magical.
  1. Start with some of this shit
    Oil, a big glob of chopped garlic with salt and pepper in a huge soup pot.
  2. Chop some of this shit up
  3. And this shit
  4. And this shit
  5. Oh and some of this shit
    As in my tears. From chopping onions. Cause they were fresh. Makes the soup a little more salty.
  6. Throw it all together and you shake it all about
    Just kidding you actually sautéed all this junk in the pot
  7. Then throw in this delightful juice
    One reduced sodium, one regular because I'm trying to watch my figure hahah 😅
  8. Next add a lot of these fantastic wonders
  9. Here, why not add some of this too
  10. Mix it all together
  11. Then let it simmer til it looks okay enough
  12. Love this shit <3