1. 2007. Freshman year of HS. My side bangs were on point.
  2. 2008. St. Patrick's Day warming up after dancing in the parade.
  3. 2008. These aren't my glasses. I don't wear glasses.
  4. 2009. Spring break in Boca Raton, Florida. It was cold.
  5. 2009. Spirit week. We thought we were sexy sucking on Popsicles. We weren't.
  6. 2009. Oh hey contrast and self cut full bangs! This is in Philadelphia for the Irish dance World Championships. It was awesome.
  7. 2009. Oh cool a flower and grass. My eyebrows were terrible.
  8. 2009. Me & @Kat on our way to our cousin's wedding. Surprisingly no photo filter.
  9. 2010. We went sledding.
  10. 2010. I think this was my 17th birthday and my first time in NYC. I was a tree hugger. It was also 90 degrees that day and I was wearing jeans.
  11. 2010. Me and @marissajaynee met Bruno Mars at UB Spring Fest and he asked us to come "hang out" in his tour bus. But then he followed up by asking how old we were. 16 and 17 didn't make the cut.
  12. 2010. Drunk on the way to my senior year Winter Date Dance.
  13. 2011. Senior year spirit week. I really liked red lipstick.
  14. 2011. Senior prom @marissajaynee is in blue.
  15. 2011. Visiting my ex in Boston.
  16. 2012. This soup & sandwich are so interesting. This is dumb.
  17. 2012. This was my first Instagram photo. Taken at Thursday in the Square.
  18. 2013. Sassy party photo. I swear this wasn't posed. My friend had a cool camera.
  19. 2014. This was a throwback profile picture to 2007 when my Irish dance choreography with 16 girls got 1st at our regional competition. So awesome.
  20. 2014. Selfie with Stonehenge.
  21. 2014. SHABANG with my study abroad besties toward the end of our semester.
    A Chicagoan. A Canadian. Me. & 2 Australians.
  22. 2014. Me and some of my besties ice skating on the new outdoor rink at Canalside in Downtown Buffalo. This was before the average temp went before 0 every day.
  23. 2015. Graduation party with my old neighborhood friends.
  24. Current profile picture. My best besties. This is one of my fav pics of us. We were going up on a Tuesday but it was really a Saturday.