1. Guys act dumb much of the time when they are existing.
  2. I seem to always get my hair done when they bother me the most like when they piss me off, we break up, we fight, they act like or do something assholey
  3. I feel that changing my hair is a way that I can say on the inside, "I won. I look fly. Imma girlboss. Your stupidity is not gonna keep me down."
  4. I don't think I do think I change my hair purposely but it just happens to usually occur around the same times. I think the anger I feel on my insides just pushes me to make that appointment.
  5. Yesterday I got my highlights redone and my ends trimmed.
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  6. Changing my appearance makes me feel empowered
  7. Sometimes you just need a change to make yourself feel better or get your mind off whatever you're thinking of
  8. Eat your hearts out 😘