1. -30? Really? Like is this a joke
  2. Aren't the 6-ft-tall snow banks in my front yard enough?
  3. Frost bite can begin within 90 seconds of having skin exposed in this weather
  4. This list of cities around the world that are warmer than Buffalo but shouldn't be //galleries.buffalonews.com/default.aspx?id=3766#/0
  5. Having to wear pounds and pounds of clothing every time I want to go outside (and no, leggings just aren't cutting it)
  6. It's too cold to even want to do winter sports. Outdoor ice skating rank at Canalside? Colden Tubing Company? Going to Kissing Bridge to ski or snowboard? Is this some kind of joke?
  7. I hate wearing pants (see bullet 5)
  8. The only things I do with free time now are looking up new Soup recipes on Pinterest (http://bit.ly/1EgeMHx) , discovering new shows on Netflix (I just started Weeds after finishing SVU) , taking naps and wondering since I have nothing else to do if it's okay to go to bed before 9pm
  9. Eat soup for all three meals a day
  10. Living in constant fear that my car battery is going to completely die even though it's a 2014 model (I know at least 5 people who's batteries have did in the last 3 days)
  11. Thinking.....wait.. KNOWING that laying in bed all day is perfectly acceptable #blankets
  12. There is not enough lotion or Chapstick in Walgreens that I can use to combat my dry skin and chapped lips