1. I love dill pickles
    Fuck that bread and butter pickle shit
  2. A spoon or forkful of relish is a quick snack.
    No need to get your hands all pickle juicy
  3. I love hot dogs and relish goes on them
    I've eaten a lot of hot dogs this month. Isn't July national hot dog month or something? I def ate at least 6 hot dogs on the Fourth of July and 5 a day over the two days following. {HDA = Hot Dogs Anonymous}
  4. I've been enjoying tuna sandwiches lately and relish goes well on it.
    My perfect tuna sandwich is tuna mixed with a small amount of mayo (I still want to be able to taste the tuna), salt, pepper, and onion on two pieces of lightly toasted bread with a slice of provolone, lettuce and relish.
  5. How could you not eat this by the spoonful? It's beautiful with its nice big chunks.
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