1. So I think I'm drunk at JFK
  2. I've had 2 gin martinis
  3. They're made with Hendrick's Gin, lemon, simple syrup, and sparkling wine
  4. The drink is called the French 75
  5. I smell melted mozzarella
  6. I want mozzarella sticks
  7. I have to break the seal soon
  8. This 2 drink tab is probably gonna be $30
  9. I think the bartender thinks I'm drunk
  10. I keep making eye contact with a guy in an interesting hat sitting across from me
  11. Oooo the bartender just said pizza. And sbarro.
  12. Someone is eating a caprese salad and an olive plate.
  13. Yum.
  14. Fuck them and their trip to Italy. I should be going to Italy. But I'm not. I'm going back to Buffalo.
  15. Im on a layover. I have an hour til my delay is over and I can finally get back home.
  16. Yep definitely drunk.
  17. I feel like I'm drunk texting.
  18. This is embarrassing.
  19. I need to cash out.
  20. The bartender is talking about brick oven pizza. I just ate some of that the other day.
  21. I want more.
  22. I keep sniffling. And wiping my nose. I need a tissue. Goddam pollen. I don't have allergies but I guess I do this year.
  23. I need to close out now. And I only have 2% phone battery.
  24. I'm afraid to look up in case he sees how drunk I am.
  25. I think he took money off my tab
  26. Just got drunk food. Asian persuasion here I come.
  27. Fuck.
  28. Plane delayed another 2 hours.
  29. P.s. If anyone is at JFK in the next two hours I'm at Gate 1