1. O-Town - Sexiest Woman Alive
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    "..just like Haagen Dasz you hit the spot.."
  2. O-Town - Sensitive
    "I guess I need to get what I give. What can I say girl ? I'm sensitive." (They just keep repeating how sensitive they are)
  3. O-Town / The Painter
    "If I were a painter mixing my colors how could ever find the blue of your eyes... If we're a sculptor working in marble, I couldn't hope to copy your perfect face..." (This music video should've been filmed in the Renaissance)
  4. Christina Aguilera // Love for All Seasons
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    "I'll be the rain in the summer, the chill in your fall, I'll be what you want anything at all. I got love for all seasons, a live for all time." (What?)
  5. N'Sync // It's Gonna Be Me
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    Just because of the meme.
  6. N'Sync // Space Cowboy
    "If you wanna fly come and take a ride. Take a space ride with a cowboy. Why aye aye yippee yai yay yippee yai yo yippee yai yay."
  7. N'Sync // Just Got Paid
    "Check the mirror, looking fly, round up the posse, jump in my ride...Money Money Money"
  8. N'Sync // Celebrity
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    "..if I didn't have cheese like everyday would you still wanna be with me?.."