I'm in NYC for the long weekend and this is what me and @Kat are doing. It's fun. More coming as day goes on naturally...
  1. Arrive at @Kat 's apartment in Brooklyn
  2. Got our nails done at
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  3. Time for lunch at
    I got the Clearwater sandwich (Lemony tuna with pickled onions, potato chips and melted cheddar, open on a baguette) with the Tomato fennel soup. @Kat got the Teatown sandwich (roasted chicken, artichoke hearts, baby spinach, Parmesean crunch and garlic-artichoke aioli on focaccia) with the Sweet potato coconut soup
  4. Birchbox
  5. Rent the runway
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    I want to work here. And I stole this elastic as contraband.
  6. Starbucks
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    We're dehydrated. So we got a Treinta Passion Fruit Shaken Iced Tea. Yum.
  7. Free ice cream sandwiches!
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  8. Various shopping places
    Steve Madden, Hollister, American Eagle, Don't Ask Why, Zara, H&M
  9. Drinking sangria and snacking on carrots and spinach dip
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