I work at a ticket office at my school that has glass in front of it. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this beautiful man walks by when he's done with classI have the biggest school girl crush.
  2. Do I look okay?
  3. Shit. Didn't put on makeup this morning.
  4. Play it cool. Pretend you're not expecting him to walk by.
  5. Earphones in. I need to look up at the right moment, make eye contact and make him fall in love with me.
  6. Should I smile? That's weird. I don't know.
  7. Oh my god there he is
  8. He's so muscular.
  9. He's so tall.
  10. His eyes are so pretty and blue.
  11. I love his buzzcut.
  12. I wonder if he has football practice today.
  13. Should I throw this pen out of my window to get his attention? Would he even come pick it up?
  14. What about a water bottle?
  15. I feel like Kady Herring right now trying to talk to Aaron Samuels.
  16. "He asked me what day it was." "It's October 3rd."
  17. I love Mean Girls.
  18. What if I write my number down on a post it and run after him and give it too him?
  19. Is that weird?
  20. I can't do that.
  21. Ughhhh why am I so nervous? This isn't a big deal.
  22. Just kidding it is a big deal.
  23. Ugh I don't wanna talk to anyone.
  24. That tshirt hangs on his chest really nicely.
  25. I wanna wear that tshirt.
  26. Maybe if I think about him before I go to bed tonight I'll have another sexy dream about him....👫💑💏👰👪
  27. (dirty thought)
  28. (dirty thought)
  29. (dirty thought)
  30. Even the back of his head is attractive.
  31. BUTT
  32. "The back of yo head is ridiculous"
  33. Noooo he's gone.
  34. I love you.
  35. I'm gonna watch him walk to his car.
  36. Should I follow him and then leave a love note?
  37. Maybe he's on Tinder.
  38. Ew. I hate Tinder.
  39. Maybe he's going to Spring Gala and well dance the night away and I'll look hot in my dress and well fall in love then.
  40. If I had the courage to talk to him and give him my number he could be my date.
  41. Gasp* what if he has a girlfriend.
  42. He shouldn't be looking at me then when he walks by. Those eye connections are magical.
  43. Ugh I'm alone.
  44. If anyone has any ideas on what I should do to talk to him please let me know 🙋
  45. URGENT UPDATE: on Wednesday, May 6th I got the courage and gave him my number on a post it. I literally ran after him.
  46. URGENT UPDATE 2: He texted me back today. Friday, June 5th
  47. I'm dead.