1. Girls who chase after guys
    When I go out with friends, I'm not putting all my efforts in getting a guy to talk to me. AND NEITHER SHOULD ANYONE ELSE. I like to enjoy focusing my energies on the friends I'm with and drinking a lot. I mean if a cutie comes up to me, that's a great added bonus but other than that, like gf get a grip and some independence.
  2. People trying to pressure me into taking shots
    No, I'm not a pussy. No, I do not want to sip down some disgusting cinnamon whiskey aka Fireball. I hate spicy cinnamon things. For some reason straight liquor just doesn't sound appetizing. Does that make me crazy ? No. No thank you. I do not want you to buy me a shot. No I'm not being a harsh bitch by rejecting an ounce of clear liquor from you, but you can also try harder to find something of substance to say to me. I don't like shot nor will I force myself to try to take them anymore.
  3. Basic bitches
    I admit, I do enjoy an occasional passion fruit iced tea from Starbucks and I do own leggings buttttt who doesn't. They're respectively delicious and comfortable. Shortly after I came home from studying abroad, I realized that one of my friend groups was rulllll basic and I just couldn't with them anymore. Oh you got pissed at me for saying I wanted to go downtown to get dinner instead of the local Olive Garden that you go to every week. No thank you. Take your cheap neon sunglasses elsewhere.
  4. Dumb bitches
    There is almost nothing I dislike more than a dumb bitch. I hate that so many girls lately are dumbing themselves down in order to get attention from even dumber guys or "bruhs." Women why are we doing we doing this? These guys you are trying to attract are not matured enough upstairs yet and are not someone you want to be with. One of my ex friends used to say "texas" instead of "texted" in sentences and I never knew why she thought it was so cute or funny.
  5. "Weak" guys
    I'm only 21 and in the last year I feel like so many guys have just become over emotional and weak. No, just calling me sexy will not make me want to kiss you. Please don't assume that I would want to if you're only commenting on my looks. Ask me a stimulating question. Also stop being a pussy. You're not macho and cool when you have little man syndrome, swear all the time and didn't go to college. You're not gonna be 18 forever. Become a respectable adult.
  6. Emotional drunks
    It gets really fucking exhausting hanging out with friends who can't control themselves when drinking. I'm not saying don't get drunk; I love having a good time, drinking, and letting loose but I think it's pretty safe to say that running away from your friends constantly, telling everyone to fuck off, being inappropriately naked, and fucking inappropriate people needs to stop. Again, get some control and self-respect. And yes, I had to deal with this shit this weekend.
  7. Pretentious people
    I grew up in a wealthier very suburban area. I went to the largest Catholic school in the area so I was around a lot of overprivileged, snotty families. I always felt like I knew everyone in the group but actively chose to not be a part of it. There were always so many people who threw money around. They come into my restaurant acting like they own the place, acting like they're better than the people there and expecting to be treated better. Treat people with respect.
  8. People talking down to me
    When I get something, I get it right and well. At work, a server just got promoted to be my direct manager. The issue is that she doesn't know how to talk to people working under her, she is too intelligent for her own good, and she doesn't know how to do her job yet and I get in trouble for correcting her. I got written up for trying to do my job properly because she doesn't know the proper protocol. I am not a dumb teen. I will be respected or you can expect an earful back.