1. I need to get off the phone now so I can cry! 💦😅
  2. I need to get off the phone so I can tell @marissajaynee and @Kat !!!👯
  3. I need to get off the phone so I can jump out this excitement that I have bursting inside me.
  4. This is literally crazy. I'm a real person now.
  5. I now go by the title, Digital Analyst, thank you very much.
  6. I'll be working on SEO and SEM for different businesses but updating their Google listings and digital marketing.
  7. The company is owned by Hearst Digital Marketing Services
  8. Shit I'm freaking out. This is so cool.
  9. This was my horoscope last week. Two days before my initial interview! So lucky.
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  10. My yearly horoscope has said that August and October we're going to be good months for me involving lots of change for the good. Getting a job is for August, I wonder what October will bring me.
  11. Snaps for me!!